Antenna-Day #2, in My Son’s Words

I’m afraid we still don’t have the antenna up, but things are looking good to get it done next week. I have lots of stuff to post regarding this project, but that will have to wait until I have more time. In the meantime, here is my son’s account of what we did on Tuesday of this week:

Helping Dad Build His Antenna, Day 2
by Antonio Mitchell, Thursday, October 13, 2011

On Tuesday we began our official work. Dad bought his parts that were on his shopping list and also a titanium drill bit. We kept getting a step closer to finishing our project with each thing we did. It felt good to be getting the project done.

When Dad came home from his shopping trip we began to get ready to go onto the roof. The bolts for [one of] the tripod’s feet were put on, and also the ladder was brought out. We had a bucket which Dad tied some knots to. The bucket was to put things in that would help us put up the tripods. In the bucket were bolts, drill, level, roofing compound, and tape measures. My dad hauled up the first tripod using a rope. Then after that came the bucket.

Once everything was on the roof we set the tripods on each end of the house. We started with the smaller tripod. I made sure it was level and Dad drilled the holes.Once the holes were drilled we spread roofing compound. I helped put the tripod back, while Dad screwed the bolts in. We did the same for the other tripod as well.

After the tripods were on the roof we finished working on the mast. The titanium bit really worked well. It took us till supper-time to finish the tripod and the mast. My dad’s back wasn’t doing well so we did not get to put the mast on the roof. Hopefully soon.


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