Enough Planning! It’s Time to Put This Antenna Up!

Hopefully Monday will be an antenna-building day. I don’t know that it will all come together in one shot, but if I don’t get this project going it’s never going to get done.

I spent some time in the hardware store yesterday, picking out the many different bits and pieces that I’ll need for the job. Hard to believe how much it all added up to. Gulp! At least I had a coupon for $10 off of my purchase. As it is there are still a couple more little things I need, but I’ll have to drive up to Willmar for those on Monday.

Here’s a rough sketch that I made last March, dusted off and updated slightly. There are still a couple of unknowns — those are the figures in red.I’m not certain that I’ll need to attach anything to the adjacent church-building, since I may get away with just draping the wire in a nearby tree. But I’ll figure that out as I go. I’ve planned enough! It’s time to put this antenna up!



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3 responses to “Enough Planning! It’s Time to Put This Antenna Up!

  1. Good luck, Todd. I always liked the idea of having a Carolina Windom. Let us know how you like it.

    Larry W2LJ

  2. Todd Mitchell

    Thanks, Larry. Here’s hoping you get to fix your Butternut vertical soon. That’s a fine antenna! My very first antenna was a Butternut vertical. I went with this design just to save money.

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