New Call Sign

All sorts of little shipments keep rolling in — torroids, wire, ferrite beads, teflon tubing, mast sections, coax connectors, SWR analyzer, Softrock kit, etc. I haven’t had time to do anything with them quite yet, though. Not only have there been far more important things on the agenda (like the magnificent Conference on Suffering we had at our church last weekend), but there are a few things on the critical path that need done before sitting down at the electronic workbench. One of those things is simply putting my office in order — not just cleaning it, but remodeling it a bit. This is something that has needed to be done since I moved in, and it should help me immensely in my vocation. A nice spin-off of the hobby!

In the meantime, my new call sign came in: NIØL. The FCC calls it a “vanity call sign” because I requested it, but I sure hope I’m not being vain! I put in for this call sign for two reasons. First, it’s “lighter-weight” in CW than my old call sign (though my old one, NØART, was nicely iambic). Second, my old call sign was often misinterpreted by folks who saw it on my license plate. They would read NØART as “No art!” as if I was expressing some kind of Philistine aesthetic philosophy. But the biggest reason is its ease of sending with CW, my favorite mode.

There’s a different call sign that I have my eye on, but it won’t become available for another four months (two years and one day after it was released by the last holder). But since there’s an element of chance to getting these (It’s not quite first-come-first-serve; everyone who applies on the same calendar day has an equal chance.), I figured I’d better grab this one before it got snapped up.

And now, back to work!




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