Keeping Ham Radio in Its Proper Place

I have really been enjoying the whole exercise of planning my HF antenna installation. It is refreshing to stretch my mind in ways that it normally doesn’t get stretched. It’s not every day that a pastor does trigonometry! And the whole thing is like a puzzle that I am aching to solve. So many factors weigh in on the decision, like radiator-efficiency, radiation pattern, bandwidth, power-handling capability, structural strength, durability, aesthetics, and matters of space, budget, and time.

In a future post I’ll elaborate on the particulars of my own situation. I’d enjoy elaborating on those things now, but I have more enjoyable — and more important — things to do. You see, tomorrow is Sunday, and I must finish my preparations for worship.

And that is the point of this post. There are many more important things to do than ham radio. That is an important lesson to learn, and if I get a chance to Elmer a new ham I’ll do my best to teach it to him. We must keep ham radio in its proper place. It is only a means to an end — and a very small (and usually dispensable!) means, at that. The end is what matters.

If we could only remember that, it would change the way we operate. It would change the very way we have QSO’s.



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